Update 11/12/2020:


A little over 11,000 images were delivered to Mario this morning, and his machine is already performing whatever mysterious AI magic it performs to begin the selection process. I’m fascinated by the machine learning process he’s employing to choose the pictures that will represent the year. In 2019 I traveled the world for 6 weeks, taking a container ship across the Atlantic, the trans-Siberian railroad, various planes and other ships and trains. But I also took a lot of pictures of the cat. What will the machine see?

Next Up: 2016

My film from 2016 was processed the following year, and since then the negatives have been sitting. Now it’s time to have contact sheets made and ship them to Yumiko and Matsuki so they can make their selections.


Once I’ve shipped off the 2016 images, only the color film from 2013 remains to be printed as contact sheets. At that point I will be rid of the backlog and work will be current.

This year’s films have been processed and proofed on a (mostly) rolling basis, and that will be my approach next year as well. I’m considering a few ways of facilitating an online/crowdsourced edit for the final year of the project. More on that when the time comes.

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