Decade project 2021

This is merely a brief proof-of-life post. I am alive. Also, It is 2021, which means, incredibly, it’s the tenth and final year of the Decade Project. The final year’s images will be edited by “the Internet,” which I will explain in greater detail later in the year once the infrastructure is built and the time to recruit editors draws near. In short, “we” (Micah) will be building an image rating website which will admit editors via email address and password. Each editor will be shown randomized subsets of the years’ images, yadda yadda. Sparing you the arcane particulars for the time being, suffice it to say this is a cool idea, one which I’m excited to roll out once the year is over. For this to work, many, many editors will be needed, which is nice, since it opens up the images to a lot of folks. If you want to edit, hit me up, but rest assured I’ll be messaging lots of people soliciting participation before the end of the year.

Other housekeeping to attend to on this front, too. I’ll update the film count for 2020 this weekend, for example. Anyway, yes. I am alive. The project continues. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Etc.

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