JUNE 21, 2021 – SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK and king’s canyon


I arrived at the Azalea Campground late in the evening, after 10PM – closer to 11 – on June 20th. Recorded no additional audio that night, nor any new audio the following day, June 21st. The plan for the 21st had been to exit Sequoia and continue north, with a reservation at Granite Flat Campground waiting for me near the town of Truckee, CA. Instead, I spent the entire day of the 21st zigzagging throughout Sequoia and King’s Canyon without cell service, a map, or a clue. Lost. After the first hour or so, I realized my planned itinerary for the day was a lost cause, so instead I enjoyed the adventure of riding those roads for hours on end. I inadvertently gave myself a 10-hour master class in motorcycle riding. Anyhow – in lieu of an audio transcript, here are some images.

Somewhere between Bakersfield and Squaw Valley, en route to Sequoia National Park. June 20, 2021.
Minutes after arriving at the Azalea Campground, Sequoia National Park. June 20, 2021.
Lost in Paradise – June 21, 2021
Precious fuel. King’s Canyon. June 21, 2021.
Not Brooklyn. June 21, 2021.
General Sherman. June 21, 2021.


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