Decade project 2021

This is merely a brief proof-of-life post. I am alive. Also, It is 2021, which means, incredibly, it’s the tenth and final year of the Decade Project. The final year’s images will be edited by “the Internet,” which I will explain in greater detail later in the year once the infrastructure is built and the time to recruit editors draws near. In short, “we” (Micah) … Continue reading Decade project 2021


Update 11/12/2020: 2019 A little over 11,000 images were delivered to Mario this morning, and his machine is already performing whatever mysterious AI magic it performs to begin the selection process. I’m fascinated by the machine learning process he’s employing to choose the pictures that will represent the year. In 2019 I traveled the world for 6 weeks, taking a container ship across the Atlantic, … Continue reading STATUS REPORT: DECADE PROJECT


2019: 59 rolls of film remain. Everything else from last year has been processed, scanned, re-sized and loaded onto a drive. Once these final rolls are processed and the task is complete, the drive will go to Germany so Mario‚Äôs machine can crunch data and perform whatever magic it will perform. (Clearing out thIs 2019 film is my focus right now.) 2013: The black and … Continue reading DECADE PROJECT – REMAINING WORK