JUNE 27, 2021 – GREAT FALLS, MT TO JORDAN, MT RECORDED IN JORDAN, MT [START OF AUDIO] Beep. June 27th, 9:40 PM Mountain Time. I’m in– [drops recorder] God damn it. How’s that? Better? Good– Jordan, Montana. Showered and about to sleep even though you can still see light outside the window. Updating the book. A fair amount to cover, if I’m inclined to cover … Continue reading MOTORCYCLE DIARY: 10


JUNE 21, 2021 – SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK and king’s canyon NO AUDIO RECORDED. I arrived at the Azalea Campground late in the evening, after 10PM – closer to 11 – on June 20th. Recorded no additional audio that night, nor any new audio the following day, June 21st. The plan for the 21st had been to exit Sequoia and continue north, with a reservation at … Continue reading MOTORCYCLE DIARY: 5