JUNE 19, 2021 – PASADENA, CA “The black widow is sleeping.” RECORDED IN PASADENA [START OF AUDIO] Good morning. June 19, 2021, 8:15 AM in the morning. Looks like I should be lowering the levels on this thing, but how? Record level. Let’s try that. Okay, that seems better, I think. Pretty long day yesterday,Continue reading “MOTORCYCLE DIARY: 3”


I bought an (almost) 20-year-old BMW R 1150 RS in May of this year with the intention of flying to California to pick it up and ride it home to NY (with a stop in Great Falls, MT for the BMWMOA national rally). In addition to my cameras, I brought along a Zoom H4n audioContinue reading “MOTORCYCLE DIARY: 1”


Update 11/12/2020: 2019 A little over 11,000 images were delivered to Mario this morning, and his machine is already performing whatever mysterious AI magic it performs to begin the selection process. I’m fascinated by the machine learning process he’s employing to choose the pictures that will represent the year. In 2019 I traveled the worldContinue reading “STATUS REPORT: DECADE PROJECT”


2019: 59 rolls of film remain. Everything else from last year has been processed, scanned, re-sized and loaded onto a drive. Once these final rolls are processed and the task is complete, the drive will go to Germany so Mario’s machine can crunch data and perform whatever magic it will perform. (Clearing out thIs 2019Continue reading “DECADE PROJECT – REMAINING WORK”


DECADE PROJECT: This week: processing 61 rolls of 120mm film from 2020. More contact sheets for Chris Verene. Also, I’m about one third of the way through processing of the film from 2019. Those images are digitized, rotated and re-sized and dumped to a drive to be sent to Mario. All Decade Project film hasContinue reading “PROGRESS REPORTS”


Bringing the new website up to date with updates on various projects. Here’s the latest on the Decade Project, the photography thing I began on January 1, 2012. Wait, what the Hell is it? Good question. Short version: I shoot 10 years’ worth of film pictures and I don’t look at any negatives or proofs.Continue reading “DECADE PROJECT”


Various updates: WEBSITE: My previous wesbite was hosted by Virb, which was acquired by GoDaddy who shut it down unceremoniously. Mixed reports as to whether customers were notified in advance, but I never received any email, so one day my website was simply 404. I had no backup, so: here’s a new website! With nothingContinue reading “I AM ALIVE”